Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saw the Baby

Early Intervention Appointment Update for Micah

Well, nothing special. But nothing special is a good thing! They came over, and since we had to switch to a different clinic because our last one closed down, we had a lot of paper work to sign.  All that aside, they asked us a few questions and checked him out a little and says he looks perfect and like a normal 2 month old baby, which is what he should be.  I knew he was, but you always wonder what if you are totally missing something. I think a mother just knows. I know my baby is so smart, and so perfect.

They said he is right on track for all his milestones and then some. The fact that he rolled over about 3 weeks ago is "amazing".    I thought so too.  As I had mentioned, a couple other preemie moms mentioned that his rolling over could be due to too high of a muscle tone. I asked the therapists about this and they said that he didn't look like he had high tone. At least, not in a bad way. She said he obviously has a strong trunk, since he can hold himself up well in a sitting position and he is strong, but she said that is great and what they want to see. She said that it becomes a problem if he is just stiff like a log and doesn't bend. He can bend, in fact he likes to be curled up on mommy's chest. That made me feel much better.

So for now we just keep up with him and make sure he stays on track. Nothing to worry about now. Such a relief. I know that every child will have potential obstacles, but I'm glad that right now, it looks like it wont be anything too life altering for his sake. :)


  1. That's great Maddie!!! MJ just seems to have a problem with his left arm tucking and he doesn't want to open his hand when he is on his tummy but we are working with him and I know that he will be fine :) She is very impressed at how far he has come in just 2 weeks and doesn't see any high tone in his trunk or legs, which is encouraging, but we knew to be prepared for a few obstacles but these are miracle babies no matter what! I'm still praying for these boys!

  2. That's great news! I'm so glad it went well!

  3. I know our MJ's (isn't that so funny we both have preemies named MJ?) are going to do so great! It's a blessing to have early intervention so you can do things like help with your MJ's arm and hand. That is fantastic that he is doing so well in such a short time! Sometimes all they need is just a little help, and to train the brain so to speak.

    One thing I did notice is that Micah started wanting to just lay with his head looking to his right but all I did was put more stuff to his left and I he does both now.