Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Hope I Don't Become an Animal Hoarder...

Because then I would end up on Animal Planet on one of these TV shows with poop stained concrete and broken windows. On the bright side I'll have 30 dogs. Hah! Seriously though, I'm sitting here watching this show and almost everyone has had a tragic loss in their life.  It made me think about how losing Jeremiah and all made me just want more dogs. Like a doggie addiction.  Then again, I've wanted more dogs my whole life.

I'd feel satisfied with another Rhodesian down the road, but much much more down that road. For one, my plate is pretty fully. For another, I would like to make sure puppies don't eat my furniture while I'm upstairs changing poopy diapers. And probably more importantly my husband would not appreciate it very much.  Ideally for me, 5 dogs would be the perfect number. Maybe 4. Definitely not 30.  O.K. Phew, I don't think I'll be one after all. Maybe 30 would be cool............



  1. Oh I could be a dog hoarder too if I let myself. Hubby and I want to eventually buy a large ranch property and adopt tons of rescue dogs. This is probably after our kids have left the house though. :)

  2. See the difference is that those crazy people have 30 dogs because they started with 3-4 and never took care of them - never got them fixed, never got them shots, and never actually cared for them - so you end up with breeding dogs that breed and breed and then you have 30 dogs with ticks and mange and new puppies always around the corner - you could never be like that!

    I think I could see you with 30 dogs but you'd have a ranch so you could get horses and Cameron could finally get all that space to run around in that he's needed for so long ;)

  3. oh and speaking of dogs, can you share the store of peyton's new home? I want to hear all about it as I'm sure it wasn't easy for you guys and that he must have a fabulous new home!

  4. Amber, I will! Do you want it in blog form? You're right on your take about animal hoarding. I could just let Cede and Levi start breeding and I will have miniature pinscher/ridgeback crosses running all over the place. haha. Probably not. Cede would die.