Monday, May 16, 2011

One Month Hiatus Over

One whole month without posting anything. I even managed to be scarce on FB. I partly blame it on this crappy old lap top. I partly blame it on going on our trip to AZ.  The nice and sunny days are to blame. I started my Dog Training courses a month ago so there's one more thing. Oh yeah, and I'm a mom of two and three dogs. So forgive me if I left you high and dry ;). I know you missed me.

Now, a month later, I have about a thousand different things I could write about. I could write about our trip. I could write about seeing old friends. I could write about driving cross state lines with kiddos. I could of gone the Politico route and talked about Osama being zapped by Seals. I know I have my opinions about all that stuff---but I used to be much more outspoken about politics, now I just keep to myself as I have realized it's an energy sapping, hair pulling, kind of business. Isaac and Micah have both changed so much I definitely have stuff to talk about for them. I could get deeper with things I have been mulling over and have wanted to write about for some time.

So I guess this is just me thinking about all the things I could write about. There really are so many. Stay tuned for some pretty good postings to come. Hiatus is over.

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